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From 20th November 2016 to 21st Febuary 2017 I volunteered to make a new game for Hillsong, initially I made all the graphics and the code, but near the end of development another designer did the new pictures. I made it in Unity3D so I could export it to Android and iOS, most of it was logistical, as I made the actual game very quickly, but it was my first time publishing to iOS.
In the game you can log in with facebook too and share your highscore with friends so word gets out quicker. I had published to Android before, so I knew what I was doing there.
This experience was very useful to my knowledge of producing a game, logistics, analytics and working in teams so it was overall challenging but a good experience.
The Media Collective London is a collective of young creatives who volunteer to create more organised and complicated projects within Hillsong UK. For it's release the founder Dan Blythe asked me to make a game to promote it with the same art style as some recently released Hillsong UK music videos. I made it in Unity 3D and it was a limited time release for the members and has a link to the MCL instagram.

non-software achievements

ISSET Project

From 12th to 17th July 2015 I took part in the ISSET course, where we had lectures from reprasentatives from NASA such as Mike Foale about presenting and teamwork skills. At the end of the week for the last 3 days we had the task of designing an experiment to be conducted in microgravity on the International Space Station. My team of four decided to make ours about the virulence of microbial fuel cells in microgravity, as we learned microgravity can make bacteria virulent, and therefore hopefully have a higher respitory frequency. This would mean we could generate more Amps from the process, so we could power things in space from oxides such as is found in Mars' soil, which was why we suggested an application in the Mars missions.

Then on the last day every team presented their experiment, I did a 3D model of it to demonstrate it's structure, and presented that bit myself as well as helping present the main section. We won it so the experiment was sent to the International Space Station on the Falcon 9 CRS10 mission. You can see the webcast of the launch here and these are the press kits